Friday, April 24, 2020

Module - Patient Details

 Within an Emergency Department, there is nothing that generates more difficulty and issues, then when a patient arrives without ID and is unable to communicate - A John / Jane Doe.

Especially if the patient is badly injured or has suffered a major trauma, missing information can delay essential treatment, while critical data is freshly obtained i.e. blood type etc.

PatientManager stores very detailed information on each patient including photo ID, personal information, personal carers / NOK, Insurance, GP. Every field is searchable singularly or as part of a group.This means over 40 different searchable field to identify or confirm the identity of the patient. This makes positive identification highly probable and greatly lowers the risk of the patient being a John / Jane Doe. A large comments field can be also used to add additional searchable data, such as an identifiable birth mark, scars etc.


 Within this module there will also be access to full In / Out patient history, an audit log tracking all data changes and an 'actions' tab for access to additional tasks such as printing labels etc.

If you are a medical consultant working for an Emergency Trauma Hospital or know of another consultant or hospital who would like to collaborate with us (CompassAFM) on the development of PatientManager, please contact us at
We would love to hear from you.
Dominic Murnane

MD Compass AFM 

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