Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Building a Plan (Implementation) - Part 3

 Implementation of the PatientManager database will take time and will be individual to each hospital. The individuality will be one of the great benefits offered by PatientManager. We will be using the FileMaker database engine which will allow us to do this. For the hospital this means;

Implementation is a team effort involving all parties from consultants to administrative staff and input from all is the most valuable tool in the development of PatientManager.

  • A generic PatientManager database that can be tailored to their own requirements.
  • The hospital will not have to adapt its patient care and work practices to match fixed software requirements / restrictions.
  • No downtime while modifications are implemented 
  • Many modifications can be carried out in minutes / or a few hours.
  • Live consultation as modifications are being carried out.
PatientManager will have to run alongside whatever system is being currently used for many months to ensure it performs faultlessly to ensure patient safety. This for a period will require additional administrative manpower to operate both systems but will be essential.

During this period, certain modifications will be definitely required or discovered. Again this will fit with our policy of continuous improvement.

If you are a medical consultant working for an Emergency Trauma Hospital or know of another consultant or hospital who would like to collaborate with us (CompassAFM) on the development of PatientManager, please contact us at info@compasspatientmanager.com
We would love to hear from you.
Dominic Murnane
MD Compass AFM 

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